14 Day Workout Challenge - Tru Fit by Michael
14 Day Workout Challenge - Tru Fit by Michael

14 Day Workout Challenge


This challenge finished on Sunday 14th June.

We are back with a 14 Day Home Workout Challenge!

After 1,500 people joined the first Tru Fit challenge we had to do another one!

For 30 minutes every morning you will have me there sweating it up with you during the live workouts on our private Instagram page! If you can't make the live session it will be available instantly on IGTV and you will be emailed a YouTube link an hour after we finish!

You will be joining a supportive community that will help you stay motivated to shed those lockdown cobwebs! We will focus on fat burning, strengthening, muscle building (booty burner!) and cardio workouts that can be done in your living room!

Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? It doesn't matter what your level of fitness is. Every workout will include variations to make the exercises easier or harder!

You don't need any gym equipment to join the challenge, but we will be getting creative and using a variety of household items during the strength workouts (you can use gym equipment if you have it)!

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

What's Included
Instagram Live WorkoutsAccess to Private Instagram
YouTube Workout ReplaysCalorie Calculator
Access to Strava GroupFitness Q&A Sessions
Diet and Fat Loss TipsDaily No BS Emails

Day 1 - Monday 1st June 


Live Home Workouts

At 8am (Sydney time) I will be taking you through an Instagram Live workout.

Emailed Home Workouts

If you can't make the morning live workout you will be emailed a private YouTube link to the workout video. Then you can do it whenever you have time!

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We will do fitness and health Q&A sessions on the private Instagram group and I will do my best to answer all questions!

Strava Running/Walking Group

Join the Strava group, get to know the other members and see who does the most KM over the 14 days. Nothing like a bit of competition!


There will be workouts where we will use household items to create a resistance and build strength. If you have gym equipment at home you can definitely use them!


High Intensity Interval Training will be a key component of the challenge. We will be jumping around, sweating and panting for 30-40 seconds at a time before we get a little rest and do it all over again!


This isn't running on a treadmill! You can do cardio in your lounge room and not move off your mat. Our heart rate will be up and the impact low. No jumping, but a lot of movement!

Don't forget the rest!

Calorie Calculation

I will show you how to calculate your daily calorie needs to lose weight, maintain weight and gain weight.

Diet & Fat Loss Tips

Everything I know about diet, fat loss, fitness and health I will pass on to you through the social media accounts.

No BS Information

I won't try to sell you anything, no advertisements and only the TRU...th.

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