30 Day Workout Challenge

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Over 1,500 people smashed this challenge! - FINISHED ON TUESDAY 2ND JUNE

This isn't a generic 30 day fitness challenge. You know the ones you sign up to and forget about on day 3? This is about getting you in better shape to leave lockdown! 

You are going to have me in your ear for 30 straight days. I will be answering all your questions personally, I'll be following you on Instagram to understand more about your motivations and to make sure you're sticking to the task!

You'll be moving while you're in lockdown and making sure you are in prime physical condition to get back into normal life... whenever that may be!

If you lose weight, get stronger and feel better about yourself then that's just a bonus!

**No equipment needed**

Customer Reviews

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Brooke M.
30 day transformation challenge

Really enjoining the 30 day challenge especially being in iso in melbourne. Love the variety of the workouts, looking forward to the next challenge.

Ranz (.
Amazing 30Day Challenge

I have been consistent with training for about 4 years straight now, although lock down screwed that all up in a matter of 4 weeks.
Michael's 30 day challenge changed all that. I couldn't believe what 4 weeks of no training can actually do, my strength diminished for i the 4 weeks i didn't train
I finally feel myself again! not much has changed with my appearance as i have been active prior but i definitely feel much stronger, especially in my upper body strength where i have always felt very week. I'm a sucker for leg day and booty workouts. Michael incorporates a lot of upper body strength workouts which i really needed. I used to do push ups on my knees, by the end of the 30 day work out i was doing proper push ups with ease.
Suffering lower back pain i was always scared to commit to HIIT training, if anything it has improved my back thanks to the core sessions, mentally i feel so much better also.
Definitely recommend his challenges. Even though they are live insta workouts i still felt so motivated to keep going when i felt like giving up, you really do know how to push someone even though you're behind a screen haha
Currently doing his 14 day challenge and loving it! Thanks for the kick i needed to keep going! xx

Jess b.
Consistent and no BS

He promised and he delivered. The best and most consistent challenge I have done, only missed 1 workout all month and feeling fitter and stronger for it. Michael's no BS attitude is great and is what I need to stay motivated. Thanks for all the extra tips and tricks too Michael, I know how much effort U must put into the challenges and all the extras. Thank U!!!!! Me_jessiejane

The Best Program I've Ever Done

This was the first workout program that I was able to stay motivated to show up everyday! Michael is realistic and doesn't expect you to be able to do the most advanced version of the exercise on day 1 but the best part is actually being able to do the most advanced version on day 30 and realizing how much stronger you've become physically and mentally.

Early Motivation!

Right before this challenge began, I had lost my job which was a stressful and negative environment. This resulted in me gaining a considerable amount of weight and losing my zest for exercising and healthy eating. This challenge came at the perfect time for me to refocus and get back on track in achieving my fitness and weight loss goals. My mind set was to not miss a day so that I can make a life change. Constance would get me up every morning and encourage me to keep going each day! Thank you Michael for helping me become motivated and determined to get up early and start my day positively with these fun and beneficial workouts! I participated in the live workouts for all 30 days! I really look forward to doing the 14 day challenge and continuing my fitness journey to achieving my goals! P.S: I am not confident enough to put a photo up yet, but when I reach my goal I will.