30 Day Workout Challenge - Tru Fit by Michael
30 Day Workout Challenge - Tru Fit by Michael

30 Day Workout Challenge


Over 1,500 people smashed this challenge! - FINISHED ON TUESDAY 2ND JUNE

This isn't a generic 30 day fitness challenge. You know the ones you sign up to and forget about on day 3? This is about getting you in better shape to leave lockdown! 

You are going to have me in your ear for 30 straight days. I will be answering all your questions personally, I'll be following you on Instagram to understand more about your motivations and to make sure you're sticking to the task!

You'll be moving while you're in lockdown and making sure you are in prime physical condition to get back into normal life... whenever that may be!

If you lose weight, get stronger and feel better about yourself then that's just a bonus!

**No equipment needed**

What's included 
Daily Live Home WorkoutsCalorie Calculation
1-on-1 Q&ADiet and Fat Loss Tips
Access to Private Tru Fit InstagramAccess to Strava group
Instagram Follow from @mbrunelliCommunity Support
Added to 'close friends' list on InstagramNo BS Information

Challenge starts Monday 27th April

Daily Live Home Workouts

Every morning I will be taking you through an Instagram Live workout. If you can't do it in the morning i'll email the video to you to do later!

My Instagram "Close Friends" List

I'll add you to my private list of close friends. You'll get content none of my other followers see. A behind the scenes of my life with a sprinkle of health and information.

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1-on-1 Q&A

You will get priority in my DMs. I'll answer all your fitness, health, fat loss and diet questions before anyone elses.

Strava Running/Walking Group

Join the Strava group, get to know the other members and see who does the most KM over the 30 days. Nothing like a bit of competition!

Don't have the motivation for 30 days?

I'll be following you (if you're OK with that) and checking up on what you're up to in your daily life. It will give me the opportunity to get to know you as person rather than a number! If I notice you're wavering I'll be sliding into your DMs to motivate you to keep pushing.

You're not that good with technology?

Don't stress! I'll be sending you tutorials of exactly what to do! If you're still struggling to understand then we'll figure it out together. Nobody will be left behind!

You don't have any equipment?

No stress at all, you don't need any! All the workouts are bodyweight and adaptable to everyone. If you do have equipment you can make the workouts harder!

Don't forget the rest!

Calorie Calculation

I will show you how to calculate your daily calorie needs to lose weight, maintain weight and gain weight.

Diet & Fat Loss Tips

Everything I know about diet, fat loss, fitness and health I will pass on to you through the social media accounts.

No BS Information

I won't try to sell you anything, no advertisements and only the TRU...th.

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