30 Day 'New Year, New You' Challenge

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2021 is about taking back your body and your mind!

It's about treating yourself kindly, but also pushing yourself to achieve your goals!

You can setup your ENTIRE year in January, with 30 days of healthy habits, home workouts and all the fitness, fat loss and self care info you need to make real changes.

This is the opportunity to make lifelong changes! Thousands of people have already achieved amazing results, just check out at the transformation photos!

The challenge starts on Monday 11th January and finishes on Tuesday 9th February

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Adrianna O.
Great Challenge

I signed up to this challenge as I have a one year old and working 3 days a week. I found it hard to find the time to fit in exercise amongst everything else I was doing in a day but still wanted to make time for myself to exercise. These workouts are so perfect because they are only 30 minutes and minimal equipment. I found it really easy to fit them in during naptimes (instead of doing them live) and although I haven't kept up with the schedule, I am still able to work my way through and complete it as I can (just maybe in 45 days not 30!) The workouts are great because they keep it varied without being overly difficult. Loved it!

Dawn D.

Having finally beaten a medical condition and at last free of medication, I was left with a ton of extra weight and zero self esteem. With each failed diet and exercise program I became more desperate and withdrawn.
But then my daughter suggested I try TruFit By Michael. And boy, has my life turned around! I have just completed my 3rd challenge and have lost 12kg so far and feel on top of the world. Michael has got all aspects of your journey to a healthy lifestyle covered. From diet and exercise to mindset and personal care. He is so very grounded in his approach you will find it difficult to fail. If you try nothing else on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, please try TruFit By Micael!!

Emily M.

This challenge is so worth it. Such a great community to join. Everyone is so supportive!! Worth the money and would hands down recommend over and over! Thanks :)

Lidia A.

Short, sweaty, funny and effective classes. Between work, family and kids, I rarely have more than 30mins a day to exercise. This challenge was exactly what I needed to kickstart me. Plus, Michael’s a great motivator!

Marysa N.
Changed my mindset around food and fitness

I was stuck in a rut with my health and fitness journey and then trufit came into my life. I’ll be forever grateful for what I’ve learnt not only about fitness but about food to. The amount of progress not only physically but mentally will carry me through the rest of my journey. Best challenge ! Best people ! Best workouts!