30 Day 'New Year, New You' Challenge
30 Day 'New Year, New You' Challenge

30 Day 'New Year, New You' Challenge


2021 is about taking back your body and your mind!

It's about treating yourself kindly, but also pushing yourself to achieve your goals!

You can setup your ENTIRE year in January, with 30 days of healthy habits, home workouts and all the fitness, fat loss and self care info you need to make real changes.

This is the opportunity to make lifelong changes! Thousands of people have already achieved amazing results, just check out at the transformation photos!

The challenge starts on Monday 11th January and finishes on Tuesday 9th February

What's Included:
Live Home WorkoutsWeekly Live Yoga
Gym Program OptionLive Dietician Q&A's
Martha K Self Care TipsIndividual Meal Plans*
YouTube Workout ReplaysDiet & Fat Loss Info
$500 Cash PrizeSupportive Community
Daily Motivational EmailsPrivate Facebook Group


The home workouts are broadcast LIVE on Facebook 3 days a week at 7am (Sydney time).

They are 30 minutes long, with variations of each exercise to make it harder or easier for you. They can be done in your lounge room with minimal/no equipment!

I'll be doing the workouts right there with you! If you can't make the live sessions the workouts will be recorded and emailed to you.

If you prefer to exercise in the gym, you'll also receive a challenge gym routine!

Facebook Group

You'll join the private Facebook group and become part of a super supportive community!

There will be Q&A sessions, fat loss information and much more!

Transformation Prize

There is a $500 cash prize for the best transformation!

The winners will be selected based on their before/after photos, weight change, written submission and commitment. 

Strava & Yoga

Strava will be used to record your walks and runs during the challenge! See if you can improve your ranking every week!

There will also be a live Yoga session each week to help you stretch out sore muscles and relax.



Tess Keightley | Dietician 


Tess has joined the Tru Fit team and as an accredited practising dietitian, she will deliver quality nutritional information to challenge members.

Tess was recognised as a Top 20 Nutrition Professional, for 2019-2020 and has extensive experience with large scale brands.

Meal Plans

Tess will be providing general and individualised healthy, calorie-based meal plans for challenge members for a small fee. 

She will also be conducting live Q&A sessions in the private Facebook group to answer all your nutrition questions!

Challenge Meal Plan
Challenge Meal Plan

Challenge Meal Plan


Want to maximise your results in the challenge? Focus on your nutrition!

Knowing exactly what to eat and how much can be super difficult! So why not leave it in the hands of a professional!

If you goal is to lose fat then these meal plans are a must! They will help you stay in a calorie deficit, which is the only way to lose fat.

It doesn't matter if you do every workout, what you eat will determine your success in the challenge. So get it right!

Choose between a 1500 calorie, 1800 calorie, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb and Vegetarian meal plans!

*To figure out your calorie deficit amount, use the Tru Fit Calorie Calculator in the menu. Pick the plan that is closest to your deficit number.*

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Personalised Meal Plan
Personalised Meal Plan

Personalised Meal Plan


This is the ultimate fat loss and health opportunity!

You will work closely with one of Australia's top dieticians, Tess Keightley, to design a meal plan based on your individual needs and goals.

Your plan is made for YOU, and only you!

As well as receiving the meal plan, Tess will also be your go-to throughout the challenge. She'll be able to answer your nutrition questions and most importantly she will keep you accountable!

This personal services normally costs $175. This discout is for Tru Fit Challenge members only!

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Martha Kalifatidis | Self Care Queen 


Martha has been a secret Tru Fitter since day 1! Now she's ready to jump on board and be involved in the challenge!

She is THE self care queen and if we go by the 1,000 products in our bathroom, then she absolutely knows what she's talking about!

Live Sessions

Martha will be going live once a week to answer all your beauty and self care questions!

You'll have exclusive access to her tips and tricks throughout the challenge.


Katie Mellican | Yoga Teacher


Katie Mellican is a registered senior Yoga and Pilates Teacher.

She has been sharing her craft of mindful movement for upwards of 7 years, working along side some of the most Elite Yogis in Melbourne.

Weekly Yoga

Katie’s guidance aligns with her circulating feels, stemming from personal experiences, encounters and current reads that cultivate inspiration.

Expect smooth, dynamic movement designed to release stagnancy and promote natural fluidity.