30 Day Transform Challenge
30 Day Transform Challenge

30 Day Transform Challenge


The Challenge has finished as of 18th August!

Whether you're coming out of lockdown or going back into lockdown this challenge is going to get you ready to take on a post-covid world in a healthier and happier state!

The challenge is about getting you moving every day, whether it's through the live workouts or walking and running on the Strava app. You'll join a super supportive community that will help you stay motivated.

The HUGE change for this challenge is the inclusion of a cash prize! Two people will win $500 for their transformation and there will be weekly Strava prizes of $50!

But let me make this clear, it isn't all about weight loss! The person who loses the most weight won't automatically win the challenge. It's about balance and improving your overall health.

You don't have to try and win the prize. You can challenge yourself to improve your health and well-being privately within the group.

It doesn't matter what your level of fitness is or your experience with exercise. Every workout will include variations to make it easier or harder!

You don't need any gym equipment to join the challenge, but if you have some you can use it!

What's included:
3 Live Workouts Per weekAccess to Private Instagram
2 Pre-Recorded Workouts weeklyStrava Cash Prizes
YouTube Workout ReplaysDiet & Fat Loss Info
Transformation Cash PrizesNo BS Daily Emails
Live Q & A sessions

Day 1 - Monday 20th July



There will be 30-minute live home workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7am (Sydney time). You don't need any equipment for these, but you can use some if you have it at home!

The workouts will be recorded and emailed to you if you cant complete t live (check out the video example)

You will also be provided 2 extra workouts per week to complete in your own time.


You will be given access to the private instagram group where you'll get nutrition, fat loss and exercise info!

There will also be Q&A sessions so you can ask anything you want to know more about.


Do you prefer running and walking over working out? You will be using Strava, the running/walking app, to track your exercise.

The challenge members who complete the most KM every week and the total longest running/walking time will receive a $50 cash prize!


There are 2 cash prizes to win at the end of the challenge! The winners will be selected based on the categories below. Each category is given the same importance, so it's not all about how much weight you lose! Your commitment, written changes and photos are super important as well!

Before & After Photos:

You'll take three photos (front, side, back) in clothing you are comfortable in.

They will be compared to photos taken at the end of the challenge to see the changes you've achieved.

% Weight Change:

The change in your weight is calculated as a percentage based on your start and end weight.

Keep in mind that the person who loses the most weight might not have the highest % change.

Written Submission:

It's not all about the scale and photos.

We want to know how you've transformed your daily habits and lifestyle during the challenge... in 50 words or less!


You'll need to be there from day one completing the workouts (live or YouTube replay).

Or you can smash the KM on Strava to show us you're fully committed to the challenge.



Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Great program!

The 30 Day Transform Challenge was by far the best investment I've made in myself in a long time. I set a goal of reducing my body fat percentage and I achieved that goal thanks to Michael and the great workouts he put together, but more importantly in my opinion the program helped me fix my sleeping habits and build a routine because that was something I had not resolved in a while. Thanks so much Michael.

A Tru-ly great challenge !!

Not that the scales matter all that much, but at the beginning of the challenge I weighed 61.8kg and by the end of the 30 days I was 59.4kg! A decent 2.4kg less than when I started which is pretty good given the time frame and the fact that I still indulged in naughty treats on the weekends (because let’s face it, you need to live a little). I am also stocked to have gained some of my strength back, as I started off doing push ups on my knees in the very first challenge but 3 challenges later I am able to do pushups unassisted!
Other than physical changes I’ve noticed a massive difference in my confidence and overall well-being. I felt super accomplished after the workouts that I would go out and get things done throughout the day, when I use to want to nap almost every afternoon. I’ve also noticed that having a structured routine has help me subconsciously workout even now that the challenge has ended. Believe it or not I am still working out 5 days a week, walks/runs included.
For anyone who is thinking to do a challenge , don’t even think about it , just do it ! It will change your life for the better. Whether it be because you are out of routine , lacking unmotivation or want to lose those iso kilos (like I did)...this is for you! Not to mention it is affordable and works out to be cheaper than any (monthly) gym membership. Plus what better than to have Michael as your coach who is there to guide you and keep you accountable. Workouts or not he is just a message away, super approachable and genuine ! Thank you for putting in the time and effort to push us Tru Fitters on the daily. Your smiley self, positive energy and celebratory *virtual high-fives* didn’t go unnoticed.

Obsessed !!

This is my second Tru Fit challenge...and again definitely won’t be my last! Michael is so genuine and clearly knows what he is talking about without the “BS” which I love! I have learnt so much and am finally seeing workouts becoming not only a habit but a new and improved lifestyle. I have never appreciated fitness as much as I do now! So grateful for yet another brilliant challenge. Roll on challenge 3 ;)

You are a life changer

This is my first fitness challenge and as nervous as I was, I was excited to push myself to achieve my short-term fitness goals in lockdown 2.0.

Not only does Michael push you physically, he enforces the mental aspect of fitness with a ‘mind over matter’ approach. Having Michael struggle along side me in the workouts is refreshing and his repeated “we got this, don’t give up” stops me from doing just that.
I chose to do Tru Fit because Michael is an educator. He tells you the ins and outs of the exercises, why we’re doing them, what they do to your body and gradually builds your strength, giving variations for different fitness levels.

You have changed my way of living, my physical fitness, and my mental fitness in a time of real uncertainty and I couldn’t thank you enough.

So bloody good!

Get some Tru Fit in you, it'll be the best thing you ever do! Michael is an amazing coach throughout the entire challenge and he will struggle along right beside you, it's just so raw and real and amazing to be a part of! Value for money is absolutely on point and Michael creates an awesome, positive and nurturing environment with all of the people following. His workouts are so good, flexible for any fitness level and bloody killer but in the best possible way. 100% recommend this challenge and any of his future challenges if they are anything like this!

Also, social distance high fives are also the highlight of every workout just saying.