Challenge Meal Plan (March)
Challenge Meal Plan (March)

Challenge Meal Plan (March)


Want to maximise your results in the challenge? Focus on your nutrition!

Knowing exactly what to eat and how much can be super difficult! So why not leave it in the hands of a professional!

If you goal is to lose fat then these meal plans are a must! They will help you stay in a calorie deficit, which is the only way to lose fat.

It doesn't matter if you do every workout, what you eat will determine your success in the challenge. So get it right!

Choose between a 1500 calorie, 1800 calorie, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb and Vegetarian meal plans!

To figure out your calorie deficit amount, use the Tru Fit Calorie Calculator in the menu. Pick the plan that is closest to your deficit number.

What's Included...
4 Meal Options for B'fast, Lunch & Dinner
Calorie Controlled Recipes
Balanced Approach to Eating
Tips & Tricks to Lose Weight
Food Relationship Info


Tess Keightley is an Accredited Practising Dietitian... not an influencer and not a fitspo model!

She is a top dietician in Australia and has worked with Channel 9, Queensland Government, Australian Heart Foundation, Youfoodz and now Tru Fit!

These meal plans are the BEST and most affordable in Australia, only for Tru Fitters! 


The meal plans come with four meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and a morning and afternoon snack.

The flexibility will allow you to continue to change your diet while staying in your calorie deficit.


Not only will you receive a meal plan, you'll also get information about a range of nutrition topics: 

Your relationship with food, a balanced approach to eating, the hunger scale and how to lose weight in a healthy way!


To lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit. Your meal plan will make that easy to achieve with clear recipes, portion sizes and calorie amounts for every meal.


 Get a personalised meal plan created just for you! Your goals, habits, likes and dislikes, medical conditions and preferences will be used by Tess to create your plan!

Personalised Meal Plan (March)
Personalised Meal Plan (March)

Personalised Meal Plan (March)


This is the ultimate fat loss and health opportunity!

You will work closely with one of Australia's top dieticians, Tess Keightley, to design a meal plan based on your individual needs and goals.

Your plan is made for YOU, and only you!

As well as receiving the meal plan, Tess will also be your go-to throughout the challenge. She'll be able to answer your nutrition questions and most importantly she will keep you accountable!

This personal services normally costs $175. This discount is for Tru Fit Challenge members only!

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30 Day March Motivation Challenge
30 Day March Motivation Challenge

30 Day March Motivation Challenge


March is the month where motivation is hard to come by! 

New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory, and winter is around the corner. It’s the month that either makes or breaks your entire year.

You could easily find another excuse to not make any changes… or you can take action and commit to making March the month you’ll never forget!

30 days is all it takes to start making BIG changes in your life. So don't pass up this opportunity and get to the end of 2021 with regret!

March will come and go, make it the month you look back on and never forget!

The challenge starts on Monday 1st March and finishes on Tuesday 30th March.

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