OK, so I’m not your typical Personal Trainer. I’m an educator.
I’ve dedicated the last seven years of my life to teaching children and teenagers about sport, exercise, health and fitness.

In teaching and personal training it’s always been education first, action second. Once people understand the what, why and how then they can focus on the solution, whether that be fat loss, weight gain or diet.

With social media we can access a million resources in seconds, and every influencer and their dog is an expert. They’re preaching fad diets, dangerous workouts and bullshit products for a quick dollar. Which is why I started Tru Fit!

Through my Instagram (@mbrunelli) I created a platform for people to learn about the TRU…TH in the health and fitness industry. To cut through the crap, explain things in a way people can understand and provide as much information as possible about health, food and fat loss. 


Cert III & IV in Fitness
Bachelor of Physical Education
7 Years Teaching Physical Education
Owner of Tru Fit

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